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From the Freezing Artic to the heat of the tropics

SF Marina introduced the concept of floating concrete construction a century ago and the floating concrete pontoons became our no. 1 product. Castwell is the exclusive licensed representative (Malaysia) with SF Marina, Swedish who with history of manufacturing concrete floating pontoons since year of 1918.

Thick cover layers of strong, high-quality concrete protect the reinforcement, delivering the longest lifetime of all steel-reinforced concrete pontoons on the market today. Concrete pontoons will deliver an aesthetic, clean, uncluttered and safe mooring for all marina guests in all weathers. All concrete pontoons will attenuate waves.

All concrete marina pontoons are fitted with fender bolted onto the concrete body using marine grade stainless steel bolts into stainless females, adding 250 mm of width to the concrete width of the pontoons.

Our products capable almost all floating application once can think of, always with safety, function and durability being the paramount design criteria for the development process.

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Castwell will, for every location, design, produce and install your project to ensure longest possible lifetime with minimum maintenance costs.
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Product Details

Floating Breakwater

It is with great pride that we present our current breakwater range. It is the sum of all experience we have gathered from the first breakwater installation. Our confidence in our breakwaters comes from knowing that our floating breakwater range has and is being tested every day and from these occasions we study, learn and improve our technology.

Concrete Pontoons

SF Marina offers a wide and versatile range of concrete pontoons. Pontoon widths range between 2,4 and 10 meters. Freeboards range from 50 cm to 100 cm. Almost without exception any length can be custom made, any angle can be manufactured and any configuration can be built. Utility ducts can be customized to any need, large or small. The SF Marina concrete pontoons have a low centre of gravity, which allows for installations also where swells and waves are predicted to be somewhat more severe.

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